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Small Business Option and Retainer-Based Consulting Services

Jaunique Sealey headshotWant to pick my brain?  Or, bounce a few ideas around and get my thoughts on a subject that is specific to you?  Schedule an individual session to talk about your business circumstances and your objectives, or contact me with an inquiry regarding my availability for retainer-based services.

No mater the size or stage of your business or brand, there comes a time that moving forward requires next-level, forward-leaning ideas.  The growth and development that you desire is right on the other side questions such as:

How do we target and connect with new consumers?

How do we increase content views?

How do we craft or improve our consumer messaging and relationships?

How do we develop better ideas of consumer behavior?

How do we develop ideas around a new business to formulate an action plan?

What are specific ideas for uncovering and developing new streams of revenue for our company?

What could or should our content strategy be for use in our social media efforts?

How does our current business identity measure up (e.g., corporate logo and branding materials, web and mobile presence, etc.) and what can we change to better compete?

How should we structure business deals with content owners or rights holders?

Who should we approach to fund our developed start up idea or early-stage company?

You can continue to waste valuable time spinning your wheels, or you can move past the roadblock by calling in a professional. 

Typically, small businesses and individual brands don’t have access to the level of competitive information, expertise and experience afforded by seasoned executives, because they can’t afford the costs required to bring such talent to their team. 

I’m solving that problem.  Rather than a pricey retainer structure, you may schedule my time, on an hour-by-hour basis.  Email me at: info@JauniqueSealey.com and let’s discuss.

With hour-by-hour, you’ll be able to work with me as your needs require and your budget permits, receiving the same strategic, marketing and interactive media experience that’s reflected by my:

Engineer’s understanding of technology (Duke BSE ’00)

Career as a Harvard-trained lawyer with 8+ years of practical experience (HLS, JD ’03)

Career as a Corporate Executive with 5+ years of experience working with C-level executives structuring and negotiating complex business transactions

Experience as a social media marketing senior strategist, devising and executing large-scale campaigns, and specific objective initiatives

Experience as a startup culture insider with access to funding sources

Extensive vetting of technology solutions in social media, marketing and digital content distribution; and

Activities as a thought leader and frequent invited speaker at the World’s most prestigious gatherings and conferences.

Once you’ve booked and paid for your time slot, you will be sent a link to a questionnaire that will provide me with the information needed to completely focus on your set of questions, issues or objectives during our time together.  During our session, I will pair what I know with what you tell me about your brand to deliver actionable results. 

As a special accommodation for music artists, I have time slots, on a limited basis, of one hour each at a reduced rate.  First come, first served and once they’re taken, they’re gone.  You can check availability through the contact form.

* Note that legal advice and services will not be available under this system, and must be structured separately with a retainer structure and differing hourly rate.  Please contact info@jauniquesealey.com and reference “Legal Services” for more information.


Please find a general list and description of my retainer-based services below:



  • Social Media Marketing Strategy (Online and Mobile)

Intelligent social media marketing strategy is imperative in today’s marketplace, not only for success, but for survival.  Our solution leverages the best practices across the industry, coupled with a true insider’s view of the available tools and resources, along with the capabilities and limitations each affords.  In combination with a learned expertise concerning your market, product and brand objectives, we will work with you to create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to create real results.  Having the experience of working with the most successful brands within social media, we have a unique view of what works, where budget should be directed and what results to expect.

  • ŸInfluencer Marketing Sourcing and Strategy

In many cases, it can be masterful marketing strategy to “piggyback” your brand or product alongside a celebrity influencer with a larger footprint in an audience segment that you desire to reach.  While many companies make these decisions operating blindly based on sheer social media numbers and other raw metrics, my clients receive the benefit of my previous experience working with some of the World’s largest influencers and my bird’s eye view into the successes and short comings of affiliated campaigns.  Our consulting approach is smart strategy for influencer marketing, using our proprietary analysis to pair the right influencer with your brand to minimize expense and maximize results.  Further, in the realm of social media, many brands looking to delve into the space of influencer marketing often miss out on making the correct “asks” during the negotiation process.  My clients do not.  Contact us today about your influence marketing plans and let us help you devise a smart strategy approach to accomplish your objectives.

  • Integrated Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign Conceptualization

While many successful marketing campaigns can be executed entirely within the digital realm, certain campaigns require an integrated approach that incorporates a variety of platforms ranging from social media, to broadcast media to experiential and influencer marketing.  These large-scale “productions” require not only a strategic eye for disciplined execution, but also a robust rolodex of the appropriate vendors and producers to accomplish the full-spectrum of possibilities.  Let us be your solution in conceptualization and execution of complex multi-platform marketing campaigns to save you time, expense and the headache.

  • Brand Development and Consumer Messaging Strategy

A good brand is only as good as its messaging.  As part of our comprehensive marketing and strategy consulting services, we provide strategic thinking around brand development, consumer perception and brand message.

  • Digital Content and Communication Strategy

The basis of all social media relationships is the free exchange of content between one entity and another.  For this reason, your content is your most important asset behind your brand perception.  It is your content that will develop not only your brand perception, but also the strength and reach of your relationships with consumers.  Building in experience across a number of high profile social media users and our unique vantage point into best practices across the social web, we will work with you to mine your existing assets as well as to instruct the creation of new assets on an ongoing basis to devise your content and communication strategy for use within social media.


  • ŸDigital Product Development

If you are conceptualizing a digital product, whether it is a social platform, social utility, or content distribution platform, come talk to us first to help refine your ideas and optimize your architecture.  Leverage our thousands of hours spend with startup teams, both successful and unsuccessful and benefit from the lessons of entrepreneurs operating in the digital space to avoid common and unknown pitfalls at the critical time in your product lifecycle.

  • Business Development

Effective business development requires not only a comprehensive understanding of a client’s corporate operations, goals, and needs, but also a developed network of relationships to match solutions to [problems].  Our robust relationships rolodex and library of experience can be put to use for you to bring growth opportunities and new ideas to your company, regardless of size.

  • Funding Sourcing

If you have a developed business plan or a ready-for-market solution and are seeking funding, let us help pair you with the right investor.  Not only will we provide the introduction to major funding sources, but we will also hone your presentation and strategic vision around your product plan and company roadmap in accordance with our understanding and insight into what investors will require.  We take our relationships very seriously, so we must pre-qualify clients for this service.


  • Digital Content Distribution Strategy

Online and mobile distribution of content requires a very specific knowledge and experience base.  Not only are there considerations, such as content piracy to take into account, but also consumer behavior concerning consumption of digital content.  Our unique vantage point having worked in-depth with most of the largest digital content distribution platforms, with high-level business and technical understanding can help you structure your digital content distribution strategy to meet your goals concerning revenue and reach.

  • Creative Product Development and Management

If you are an artist, working through the product development process can be a confusing endeavor.  We can help.  Contact us to discuss our solutions for creative product development and management.  We specialize in music projects and can provide the comprehensive solution from beginning to end.

  • Content Licensing

Contact us to discuss how we may bring our extensive experience in intellectual property and content licensing to work for you.

  • Digital Music and Video Distribution Licensing

With over 8 years of professional experience in negotiating and drafting digital content licensing and distribution agreements with some of the largest online platforms and for some of the largest content catalogs, let us advise you in your inbound or outbound licensing endeavors.

  • Music Law, Traditional and New/Digital Media

With over 8 years of experience in traditional and new media music law issues, we are uniquely positioned to offer legal solutions informed by a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding business context.  We are experienced in the drafting and negotiation of exclusive recording artist agreements, physical and new media distribution agreements, licensing agreements, producer agreements, management agreements, copyright issues, co-publishing agreements, performing rights organization-related documentation, amongst other agreements governing common transactions arising in the music business today.

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